Waterproof secret of Safety Waterproof Suit

What is the principle of Safety Waterproof Suit and how is it made in the factory? In fact, the key to waterproof jackets is the long-lasting waterproofing agent. In English, the English abbreviation is DWR, which is a compound that can be applied to the outer surface of the garment to make the garment waterproof.

DWR is a partial chemical coating. It is a polymer composition that can be applied to silk fabrics to make the garment waterproof. It can make the water falling on the clothes turn into beads, similar to the function of lotus leaves. Therefore, the waterproof effect is also called the lotus effect.

Pay attention to some problems when using waterproof jackets. DWR can only be applied to the outer layer of clothes. It can protect the fabric from swelling or moisture, and will not affect the breathability of the clothes. If it is affected by oil stains, it will affect the waterproof performance.